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At INDIENA we believe that handmade products encourage collaborative and sustainable design. We have respect for handcraft techniques and the effort it takes to make each product.

Hello to you first!

We are Doro and Bea, two product designers from Hanover. Due to the passion for textiles and roots in Guatemala, the idea arose to use traditional hand-woven textiles with their origins in Guatemala and to bring out their special charm. We found a way to combine our passion for fashion with our desire to help others.


At INDIENA, our mission is to strengthen and revitalize cultural traditions by creating a sustainable and well-known market for craftsmanship. Our goal is that our weavers and artisans become financially independent.



Diverse expression of Guatemalan identity and also masterpieces of weaving art: the colorful textiles of the Mayas.


The artisanal textile production has been preserved by the Mayas in Guatemala as a tradition of many indigenous families. The textiles reflect the history of a people who have preserved the art and art of weaving over three millennia. The large variety of hand-woven sample textiles give clothing a powerful way of communicating. The weaving of the fabrics is usually done traditionally by women while sitting. A back strap, called a backstrap in English, is placed around the waist and a stake, tree, etc. is used as resistance.

With this type of weaving, the woven fabric panel is usually about 20 to 50 centimeters narrow. Alternatively, it is also hand-woven on a mechanical loom. The lengths of fabric here are usually around 90 to 120 centimeters wide. Both types of weaving require a lot of preparation time, as threading the warp thread can take up to five working days.

Indiena Textilien Guatemala Über About
The weaving of the fabrics is laborious and the preparation alone can take up to 5 days.

We believe that it is our responsibility as consumers to replace excessive industrial production with the promotion of handmade craft products. Our concerns and our products are in line with this conviction. Due to mass production, part of Guatemalan identity disappears as the fabrics reflect the history of the people and usually show the ethnicity and community of the wearer. We have set ourselves the goal of using the traditionally hand-woven and colorful cotton textiles from Guatemala in products that not only create added value for the user, but also contribute to the preservation of traditional textile production in Guatemala. In addition to good design, it is about designing to support social projects such as educational institutions and to achieve simplified work processes for the craftsmen.

We are a member of

KREHTIV Network Hanover.

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