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We at INDIENA believe that we should move away from industrial manufacturing processes more and more in order to promote cultural diversity through handmade creations. Our initiative supports fair action within indigenous communities.

Guatemala is the "Land of Eternal Spring". With its tropical and temperate weather and breathtaking nature, such as turquoise blue lakes, mountains and volcanic black sand beaches, it seems like heaven. Ancient Mayan cities, coffee, sugar cane and banana plantations, colorful markets with jewelry, textiles and woodwork and much more the country has to offer.


On the other hand, there are many problems in Guatemala. With around 15 million inhabitants, Guatemala is the most populous country and the largest economy in Central America. Nevertheless, there are very large social inequalities, high levels of youth and gang crime and cases of corruption. About 41% of the population are Mayans, also called indigenous people, i.e. the indigenous population of Guatemala. The official language is Spanish, there are also another 22 Maya languages, which are the mother tongues for 40-60% of the population.


In Guatemala, traditional handicrafts are one of the main sources of income for many people. One of the most important is weaving, which reflects the identity and ethnicity of the population. Weaving has a long history in Guatemala, as knowledge about it has been passed on for thousands of years and through generations. Due to increased machine textile production, traditional craftsmanship is declining and the appreciation of fabrics is dwindling.


As a dedicated online fair trade fashion store, we do everything in our power to establish a strong emotional connection with the communities we work with. We strengthen our relationships through integrative activities and volunteer initiatives and at the same time help them to gain economic independence through their craft.

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